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Rotating Scaler with 5x Mirror

The Rotating Scaler with 5X Mirror Attachment will be available to purchase in June 2022.

Using MOTSY Light will help to become aware of any issues. The 5X mirror attachment allows people to see in their mouth and change bad habits before it becomes a problem.

While a Water flosser helps with cleaning between teeth and keeping gums healthy, it's not as effective at removing bacteria and build-up between gums and teeth. It's better than nothing, but it is never going to be as good as manually cleaning teeth. However, if you find yourself not doing anything at all, then a water flosser is still going to be a good choice.

Choosing a water flosser together with MOTSY Light oral hygiene kit is a good choice as well. The intention of a Water flosser is to wash away plaque, bacteria, and food debris that might reside on the teeth and along the gum line. The rubber scaler that comes as 1 of the attachments in the MOTSY Light oral hygiene pack can be used to loosen up plaque before using the water flosser.

 Perfect for the back of crooked lower anterior teeth that can not be seen by simply opening the mouth.


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The rotating rubber scaler is firm enough to remove highly organized plaque behind lower front teeth. The scaler can be rotated to go between the back teeth to remove plaque and double check how well the teeth have been cleaned.

Craig S. Kohler DDS, MBA Master in the Academy of General Dentistry

The double LED light handle allows the attachments to work together. The light enables vision of where the rubber scaler is loosening the plaque, while the handle can be flipped to use the brush on the loosened plaque. The light on the 5x mirror shows the plaque and stain behind the front teeth. Flip the handle to brush those areas and then flip the handle again to confirm with the 5x mirror that the stain and plaque are gone.

Craig S. Kohler DDS, MBA Master in the Academy of General Dentistry

The 5x mirror will allow people to see new places in their mouth and check to see that the plaque and stain are gone.

Craig S. Kohler DDS, MBA Master in the Academy of General Dentistry

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