Orders and Delivery

      Patient Orders - 

If You are a Patient, You may use the Website to place orders (“Orders”) for Your purchase of MOTSY™-branded double-LED dental lights (“Motsy Lights”) from ONVI.  Corresponding prices for Motsy Lights are located here, and are subject to change upon notice by ONVI patientorder@shoponvi.com ONVI ships Motsy Lights solely to addresses in the United States. When You place an Order, ONVI will confirm that Order by sending an email to the email address You have provided as part of Your Account.  You shall pay for each Order in advance through the Shopify® service as described in Subsection 1.3 (“Payment”).  Where You have Orders delivered to You directly as described in Subsection 1.2(B) (“Patient Order Delivery”), You shall also pay a separate shipping and handling fee, but where You have Orders delivered to Your Dentist for pick up by You, ONVI will waive that shipping and handling fee.  When You place an Order ONVI will also provide You with an estimated shipment date.  For the elimination of doubt, such dates are only a good faith estimate and not a promise by ONVI; provided, however, that where Your Order cannot be filled within a commercially reasonable period because of a backorder problem, ONVI will notify You, and give you the opportunity to cancel Your Order.  All Motsy Lights shall be deemed accepted by You upon shipment, and title to, and risk of loss of, the Motsy Lights passes to You when ONVI provides the Motsy Light(s) to a common carrier.  All Motsy Lights are subject to the Statement of Limited Warranty included therewith, and as found here: https://shoponvi.com/pages/limited-warranty .

Patient Order Delivery - 

 If You are a Patient, Motsy Lights under each Order may be delivered to You directly, or to the office of Your Dentist.  ONVI strongly encourages You to maintain good oral health through regular dental examinations, and for that reason, the purchase price You pay for delivery of Your Motsy Light to Your Dentist will be a lower price than You will pay for delivery to You directly.  Subject to Subsection 5.2 (“Motsy Lights Limited Warranty”), all Motsy Lights are subject to ONVI’s refund policy: https://shoponvi.com/policies/refund-policy .

Dentist and Dental Office Orders and Deliveries - 

 If You are a Dentist or a dental office, in order to purchase Motsy Lights, You first need to enter into a Distribution Agreement with ONVI https://shoponvi.com/pages/join-us .

When will MOTSY Light ship?

MOTSY Light is now available.

For 30 days following delivery, you may return your MOTSY Light in good condition for a full refund. Unfortunately, Motsy Light attachments cannot be returned after they have been opened. Please refer to the detailed Terms of Sale.

MOTSY Light is covered by a limited warranty for one year from the date of order (or shipping, for pre-orders). Please refer to the detailed Limited Warranty.

Go to the Find a Dentist section of this website and search for your dentist. If they are not there, then call and ask them.

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