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MOTSY Light is least expensive through a Dental Professional. ONVI is dedicated to connecting caring Dental professionals with those who want to better care for their teeth. There are 3 price points for purchasing a MOTSY Light Personal Oral Hygiene Pack.


1) $117 plus costs. Buy the MOTSY Light at check out and figure the system out yourself or by watching our instructional videos. This is the most expensive of the price points. You also pay for shipping, taxes and any international fees, tariffs etc.


2.) $97 plus costs. To receive $20 off from your MOTSY Light, you will need to select 'Pick-Up' at checkout and go to a participating dentist office to pick up your MOTSY Light system. Once you have purchased your MOTSY Light system, make sure to bring your e-receipt along with your ID to the office you have selected in order to pick up your purchase. (Warning: The dental office will most likely have a dental exam fee with x-rays in order to adequately be responsible for your Oral Health). A dental professional will then train you on the system. You will have to pay for tax, but there will not be a shipping charge.


3.) A dental health professional can receive the MOTSY Light System complimentary with a 2-hour continuing education class on common dental disasters. Sign up at to sign up for the course. Please allow three weeks to receive the MOTSY Light oral hygiene system before the course. This will allow the participant to use MOTSY Light before the course. 

GOLD This is a dental office that will receive MOTSY Light for you, The free shipping may take a few days to receive MOTSY Light. The dental professional will do a dental exam and X-rays as well as give Oral Hygiene Instructions on the use of MOTSY Light.

PLATINUM This is a dental office that has MOTSY Light in their office. You can receive MOTSY Light as soon as an appointment for a dental exam and X-rays can be scheduled.

DIAMOND This is a dental office that has some additional incentive for you to come to their office. This might be a free dental exam and x-rays or some other offer. They have MOTSY Light systems immediately available.

Ordering & Shipping

When will MOTSY Light ship?

For 30 days following delivery, you may return your MOTSY Light in good condition for a full refund. Unfortunately, Motsy Light attachments cannot be returned after they have been opened. Please refer to the detailed Terms of Sale.

MOTSY Light is covered by a limited warranty for one year from the date of order (or shipping, for pre-orders). Please refer to the detailed Limited Warranty.

Go to the Find a Dentist section of this website and s earch for your dentist. If they are not there, then call and ask them.


  1. Go to a participating MOTSY Light Dental Office and be trained by a dentist, a dental hygienist or a clinical dental assistant. MOTSY Light is meant to be used with regular dental diagnosis and treatment.

Many people do not understand their mouth and how easy it is to have a significant dental problem. MOTSY Light will empower you to take better care of your mouth. As you increase your oral care intelligence your everyday care will improve.


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