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Allyson. D

I’ve been using this kit for about a month and I’m highly impressed. I never tried anything like this before and I’m very glad I did. Even the toothbrush attachment felt much better than a standard toothbrush. I feel as though my oral hygiene has improved for the better as I continue to use the kit. The attachments and parts were easy to use. The kit is a must have!

Paul. K

AWESOME tooth brush pack!!! Like most people it's really tough to get way back by the molars and do a good job. But with the Motsy light you can see back there and get it super clean!!! I love it! keeps your breath fresher too!

Crandell .H

Prior to using this pack, I had no idea how much more attention my teeth needed! Having the ability to see back around my wisdom teeth, use the scaler to give each tooth a proper cleaning, and brush well around my teeth and gums is a completely new and much-needed upgrade to my dental health. I now know what it takes to keep my teeth and gums healthy, and the MOTSY light helps me do just that!

Zach. R

The ability to see inside my mouth has changed how I clean my teeth! MOTSY Light invites and encourages you to look inside your mouth with the LED handle. The clean feeling I get after using MOTSY Light is something I haven't experienced with any other brush. My mouth feels cleaner and healthier than ever. I've used the 5x mirror a number time to help find and dislodge food caught in my gums or between my teeth!


I'm very surprised at the really great feeling of the tooth brush. Matching that up with a very amazing pick that finishes wonderfully, followed by my own personal inside view with the mirror and light create a brushing experience like no other. MOTSY Light give me confidence my teeth are clean. Full marks from my view.


I thought brushing and flossing once a day was all I needed to do for good oral hygiene. Then I used the Motsy Light and realized how much plaque was left on my teeth and gums, even after flossing. He light is the game-changer for me. Until there was this personal dental tool with a light, I simply could not see behind my teeth or even into the back of my mouth. The light, the scaler, the angled brush and the mirror allow me to easily see and clean what I couldn’t even see before. It is amazing the amount of plaque that comes off using Motsy Light. Everybody should get one!

Customer Testimonials

"Oral hygiene wasn't something I was taking seriously before but with the Motsy Light I can definitely see myself using it day in day out."

Brandon, Chicago

I noticed a difference immediately because I can see where I'm brushing in the back of my mouth whereas before I was just blindly trying to get back there and hoping that I got everything.

Sue, Chicago

The rotating rubber scaler is firm enough to remove highly organized plaque behind lower front teeth. The scaler can be rotated in 180 degrees to angle nicely between the back teeth

Craig S. Kohler DDS, MBA, Practicing dentistry for over 40 years

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