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Quality toothbrush!

I, along with so many others enjoy the Motsy hygiene product. My favorite attachment is the angled toothbrush. My mouth has a feeling of well being after each use.

Great toothbrush!

The Motsy toothbrush is a great tool. It allows me to really clean the teeth and gums with an all in one tool. The light and scrap pic are tools I’ve never had before with a normal toothbrush and make the entire teeth cleaning process so much easier and complete 5 stars I recommend this for everyone!

The BEST toothbrush you’ll ever own!!!

Easy to use and very high quality ! The light and mirror make it easy to find and take care trouble spots. The design is a game changer, easy to maneuver around molars! Rubber tip is curved a bit to make process easier and effective. If you want to keep your teeth until you are 100 buy this brush!

Great brush

The light and mirror make it easy to find trouble spots where I need to do extra cleaning…the rubber tip is perfect for cleaning around my dental implant… brush head is really high quality and helped get gum line really clean. The best brush I’ve had!

Fantastic toothbrush and much more

The Motsy Light toothbrush has changed the way I brush my teeth. It’s so much more than just a toothbrush. I think the light on the toothbrush is an awesome tool to have while brushing your teeth. There is a red pick that allows you to get into small areas in a safe way to remove plaque. Having a mirror to look at my teeth while brushing is something everyone should have. I highly recommend purchasing the MOTSY Light toothbrush!

Better than any toothbrush!

This toothbrush kit helps me clean my teeth better than ever before. The bristles are gentle on my gums and I like that I can see where I am brushing because of the light. I also like the scaler to clean my teeth more deeply and that there is a mirror to check anything. The MOTSY toothbrush is a great purchase!

Innovative and fun solution from a fantastic dentist

I agree with the positives highlighted by the other reviewers, and will add 2 things:

First, the reason I purchased this is because Dr. Kohler invented it. He is not only the best dentist I have ever had, but his staff is the best medical team I have ever encountered. He has fantastic attention to detail, is a great communicator, and I've been very happy with the dental work he did for me. All of these things combined lead me to trust him, his values, his expertise, and therefore to trust the engineering behind the product. For these reasons, I had faith in his product.

Second, it's fun to use, and a different, novel experience. Brushing our teeth is something that obviously becomes routine and mostly boring. So many elements of the Motsy are unique, from the light to the shape, and the attachments, that using it breaks up the normalcy of toothbrushing, which is a nice plus.

Innovative and effective

It's amazing how much more cleaning I am able to do at the gum line with the plaque tool, and the light helps a lot with visibility. Thank you for creating this innovative and effective tool set!

Great Overall Brush

This is a great and innovative toothbrush. The attachments allow you to see and clean your teeth beautifully. The light attachment, in particular, has been of great help when cleaning my back teeth. I highly recommend this brush to others.

The Motsy Light is a Great Investment for your Oral Health

I bought myself a Motsy Light toothbrush and I can say it has removed any plaque that resides on and around my gum line. It is a odd shaped toothbrush but it works. The actual type of brush is not I think soft but it is removing plaque so it may take a few uses to get your gums adjusted to a harder type brush. It took me a week and now it feels almost like my soft brush. I can actually feel if there is plaque or debris around my teeth and gums and see and feel it is gone when I use my Motsy. The light allows you to see how you are brushing in tight spaces in your mouth and there is a little red pick that is lighted too to go around your gum line to see if there is buildup left or your did a good job brushing. You still need to see your hygienist regularly but using the Motsy regularly will improve your oral health between visits. The Motsy comes with the large brush, a smaller brush, a mirror attachment, and the red pick. There is also a nice sturdy case that holds all of the Motsy accessories. I would like to maybe see the Motsy have a smaller case for us travelers but other than that I am satisfied with my Motsy and have a few friends that I think would benefit from owning one.

Best toothbrush

I have used a Sonicare for many years and I always felt like I was missing spots. Using the Motsy allowed me to see where I was brushing with the light and the angle of the brush allowed me to brush everywhere. My teeth felt cleaner daily, definitely recommend.

Game Changer

I’ve been using this kit for about a month and I’m highly impressed. I never tried anything like this before and I’m very glad I did. Even the toothbrush attachment felt much better than a standard toothbrush. I feel as though my oral hygiene has improved for the better as I continue to use the kit. The attachments and parts were easy to use. The kit is a must have!

The power of light!

Especially after my father had oral and bone cancer in his jaw, the whole family has taken oral hygiene very seriously. I was already brushing and flossing but love the tools the personal hygiene pack offers, especially the light (apparently I wasn't doing as good of a job as I thought!) and the dental pick. Some toothbrushes had previously felt too hard or too soft, but I especially like the firmness and shape of the Motsy brushes.

AWESOME tooth brush pack!!! Like most people it's really tough to get way back by the molars and do a good job. But with the Motsy light you can see back there and get it super clean!!! I love it! keeps your breath fresher too!

My mouth won't accept anything less

Prior to using this pack, I had no idea how much more attention my teeth needed! Having the ability to see back around my wisdom teeth, use the scaler to give each tooth a proper cleaning, and brush well around my teeth and gums is a completely new and much-needed upgrade to my dental health. I now know what it takes to keep my teeth and gums healthy, and the MOTSY light helps me do just that!

Amazing clean feeling

The ability to see inside my mouth has changed how I clean my teeth! MOTSY Light invites and encourages you to look inside your mouth with the LED handle. The clean feeling I get after using MOTSY Light is something I haven't experienced with any other brush. My mouth feels cleaner and healthier than ever. I've used the 5x mirror a number time to help find and dislodge food caught in my gums or between my teeth!

Amazing brushing experience

I'm very surprised at the really great feeling of the tooth brush. Matching that up with a very amazing pick that finishes wonderfully, followed by my own personal inside view with the mirror and light create a brushing experience like no other. MOTSY Light give me confidence my teeth are clean. Full marks from my view.

Oh, say I can see in my mouth!

I thought brushing and flossing once a day was all I needed to do for good oral hygiene. Then I used the Motsy Light and realized how much plaque was left on my teeth and gums, even after flossing. He light is the game-changer for me. Until there was this personal dental tool with a light, I simply could not see behind my teeth or even into the back of my mouth. The light, the scaler, the angled brush and the mirror allow me to easily see and clean what I couldn’t even see before. It is amazing the amount of plaque that comes off using Motsy Light. Everybody should get one!

Fantastic brush!!

As a hygienist I am picky about my brushes. What I love about Mosty Light is its unique features of a light and multiple attachments. No matter which attachment you use you can see all your teeth clearly with the light which makes a big difference in removing plaque more efficiently. The rotating scaler makes a big difference in reaching the hardest areas in your mouth and the 5x mirror is a topper as your teeth are magnified so you can see and remove more plaque. The bristles are soft and designed in a unique pattern to reach your teeth and gums easily. Such an amazing and unique product!

Great oral hygiene system!

I especially like the angles on the toothbrush, the feeling of the toothbrush, and the light to see better. Great to have additional tools to clean between teeth and see with a magnifying mirror as needed!

Made a positive change on my oral health and life

I used to brush my teeth daily with the occasional flossing but I never realized just how much plaque and junk I was still accumulating around my teeth and gums. Thanks to the 5x mirror and that super handy rotating scaler(I love this attachment). I now finally feel like I am able to have a much cleaner mouth throughout the day and according to my doctor, my oral health has improved since my last check-up. Definitely would recommend this to anyone!


I'm excited using Dr. Kohler's new invention. The most I like is the power brush to reach my wisdom teeth without gagging me and the rotating scaler to clean lower anterior teeth. Almost feels like seeing Hygienist :) My kids love the MOTSY Light too they say it is like a star wars toothbrush that you can actually see what you're doing.