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Personal Oral Hygiene Pack

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The Personal Oral Hygiene Pack comes in a travel case. Inside, there is a holder for the LED handle and four attachments. The holder can stand on the counter in your bathroom and can keep two of your favorite attachments on the handle, ready for next time. There is a regular-size brush with a 45-degree angle to decrease the likelihood of gum recession. A smaller brush to clean in hard-to-reach areas and where a tooth is missing. The rotating rubber scaler removes excess plaque which forms behind lower anterior teeth. The scaler can rotate to check that the other teeth have been cleaned. The 5x mirror shows the places that have been missed.



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Allyson D
Game Changer

I’ve been using this kit for about a month and I’m highly impressed. I never tried anything like this before and I’m very glad I did. Even the toothbrush attachment felt much better than a standard toothbrush. I feel as though my oral hygiene has improved for the better as I continue to use the kit. The attachments and parts were easy to use. The kit is a must have!

The power of light!

Especially after my father had oral and bone cancer in his jaw, the whole family has taken oral hygiene very seriously. I was already brushing and flossing but love the tools the personal hygiene pack offers, especially the light (apparently I wasn't doing as good of a job as I thought!) and the dental pick. Some toothbrushes had previously felt too hard or too soft, but I especially like the firmness and shape of the Motsy brushes.

Paul K

AWESOME tooth brush pack!!! Like most people it's really tough to get way back by the molars and do a good job. But with the Motsy light you can see back there and get it super clean!!! I love it! keeps your breath fresher too!

Crandell H
My mouth won't accept anything less

Prior to using this pack, I had no idea how much more attention my teeth needed! Having the ability to see back around my wisdom teeth, use the scaler to give each tooth a proper cleaning, and brush well around my teeth and gums is a completely new and much-needed upgrade to my dental health. I now know what it takes to keep my teeth and gums healthy, and the MOTSY light helps me do just that!

Zach R
Amazing clean feeling

The ability to see inside my mouth has changed how I clean my teeth! MOTSY Light invites and encourages you to look inside your mouth with the LED handle. The clean feeling I get after using MOTSY Light is something I haven't experienced with any other brush. My mouth feels cleaner and healthier than ever. I've used the 5x mirror a number time to help find and dislodge food caught in my gums or between my teeth!

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The rotating rubber scaler is firm enough to remove highly organized plaque behind lower front teeth. The scaler can be rotated to go between the back teeth to remove plaque and double check how well the teeth have been cleaned.

Craig S. Kohler DDS, MBA Master in the Academy of General Dentistry

The double LED light handle allows the attachments to work together. The light enables vision of where the rubber scaler is loosening the plaque, while the handle can be flipped to use the brush on the loosened plaque. The light on the 5x mirror shows the plaque and stain behind the front teeth. Flip the handle to brush those areas and then flip the handle again to confirm with the 5x mirror that the stain and plaque are gone.

Craig S. Kohler DDS, MBA Master in the Academy of General Dentistry

The 5x mirror will allow people to see new places in their mouth and check to see that the plaque and stain are gone.

Craig S. Kohler DDS, MBA Master in the Academy of General Dentistry

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