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Orthodontic Pack

The  Orthodontic Pack comes in a travel box. Inside, there is a holder for the LED handle and four attachments. The holder can stand on the counter in your bathroom and can keep the specialized brush for cleaning wire braces on one end and the regular brush on the other. There is a 5x mirror for checking that the brackets are clean. The rotating rubber scaler will help clean the teeth because flossing is almost impossible during orthodontia. 

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The Orthodontic Pack

Wire braces are so difficult to clean, but they are excellent at placing teeth where they need to be. The special orthodontic brush will clean between the wire and the tooth where teeth are more susceptible to decay. The wire makes it extremely difficult to floss, while the rotating rubber scaler can clean between the teeth. After the teeth are moved there is often a cemented wire retainer to keep the teeth in position. The rotating rubber scaler is excellent to keep the area below the wire clean between professional hygiene visits.

The rotating rubber scaler is firm enough to remove highly organized plaque behind lower front teeth. The scaler can be rotated to go between the back teeth to remove plaque and double check how well the teeth have been cleaned.

Craig S. Kohler DDS, MBA Master in the Academy of General Dentistry

The double LED light handle allows the attachments to work together. The light enables vision of where the rubber scaler is loosening the plaque, while the handle can be flipped to use the brush on the loosened plaque. The light on the 5x mirror shows the plaque and stain behind the front teeth. Flip the handle to brush those areas and then flip the handle again to confirm with the 5x mirror that the stain and plaque are gone.

Craig S. Kohler DDS, MBA Master in the Academy of General Dentistry

The 5x mirror will allow people to see new places in their mouth and check to see that the plaque and stain are gone.

Craig S. Kohler DDS, MBA Master in the Academy of General Dentistry

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